Scarpa Moraine GTX Trail Shoe – First Look

Hooray! My new trail shoes were delivered this weekend & accidentally sat in front of my neighbors door for a couple days, so pleasant surprise when he brought them over.

These are a pair of Scarpa Moraine GTX Alpine Cross Shoes that come in grey & brown. Tried them on out of the box & they seem to fit well. I switched the insole with my own custom ones, put on a lighter sock & they feel great.

Just in time for an afternoon Labor Day adventure on some of the local Hailey, ID trails & dirt roads. I have been stomping around all summer in my big Asolo Power Matic 200 GVs & it will be a pleasure to try some lighter footwear. Keep an eye out for a more detailed review after I cover some ground in these.

Idaho Obsidian Spearhead

I found this amazing spearhead high on lonely ridge in Idaho where the Pioneer Mountains begin to descend into the Great Basin, with Craters of the Moon national monument to the east. This is a piece of 'gear' that some human was unhappy about losing & perhaps went hungry because of it.

It is approx 4 inches long and I believe it is pink obsidian. I know of a local person that may be able to give me a further explanation of this stone tool. If I find out more, or if you gentle reader, have any comments & ideas I will follow up on what I learn. Also will try & take a better picture, this one was taken on-site with a camera phone (I did move & stage next to flowers & contrasting rocks)

Just Pre-ordered a Capture Camera Clip System

Received a reminder email from today that the time period to back /pre-order a Capture Camera Clip System from Peak Design was almost over.

I have been excited about this product since first learning about it and eagerly placed my order. At the writing of this post there is still some time left to back the product through Kickstarter with funding ending Jul 16, 2:22pm EDT. After that look to the Peak Design website for more info.

I have high hopes for this & am looking forward to putting it to use. Look for full review to follow.

Peak Design
Capture Camera Clip Kickstarter Page

Capture Camera Clip on Backpack Shoulder Strap

Capture Camera Clip on Belt Loop

Images & video courtesy Peak Design Ltd.

Asolo Power Matic 200 GV

Picked up new hiking boots for Summer 2011 - a pair Asolo Power Matic 200 GV 's. This is the same boot I had previously owned for the few seasons & have been so happy with them I decided to stick with the same brand & model for my latest purchase.

These are pretty heavy duty backpacking boots & to the minds of my fellow hikers they are overkill for general day to day adventures. I prefer a stout boot though and as my adventures often lead me off trail & into quite a variety of terrain I am always happy to have something solid underfoot. Especially in thick undergrowth, wet conditions & stream crossings or moving through loose scree & shale. Add a pair of gaiters to these babies & you are bomber.

Now to get a pair of red laces to make them official.
~ DS

I will write up a more extensive review after I have covered some miles in this new pair and compare them to my old pair which I finally had to retire.

Spring Organizing – Revamping My Daypack

My Current Daypack - Deuter Futura 32

Here in Central Idaho the trail are slowly starting to dry out - mainly near GearVine HQ. We are located in the town of Hailey which sits on the edge of the high desert and in a gateway valley to the higher mountain ranges which include the Sawtooths, Boulders & Pioneers. Lots of snow this previous winter will keep those higher trails covered for a while. [Read more...]

Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

dsc_0036_dxo The last couple of summers I have been alternating between wearing a large straw hat or baseball caps. The straw hat was my preference due to the large amount of sun protection it provided but in general it is too big and stiff for taking in the field full time - the brim in the back would always bump against my backpack, medium winds would try and blow it off my head and when I wasn't wearing it strapping it to my pack was problematic. Baseball caps on the other hand were light and easily portable but failed to provide enough protection on the sides and back, particularly in the morning and late afternoon light. I finally took the plunge and went down to one of the good outdoors stores in Ketchum, ID - Backwoods Mountain Sports - and picked myself up a Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat.

[Read more...]