Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

dsc_0036_dxo The last couple of summers I have been alternating between wearing a large straw hat or baseball caps. The straw hat was my preference due to the large amount of sun protection it provided but in general it is too big and stiff for taking in the field full time - the brim in the back would always bump against my backpack, medium winds would try and blow it off my head and when I wasn't wearing it strapping it to my pack was problematic. Baseball caps on the other hand were light and easily portable but failed to provide enough protection on the sides and back, particularly in the morning and late afternoon light. I finally took the plunge and went down to one of the good outdoors stores in Ketchum, ID - Backwoods Mountain Sports - and picked myself up a Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat.

[Read more...] Vibram FiveFingers Video Review reviews the very interesting Vibram FiveFingers as a consideration for runners. I have been interested in this curious footwear since it came on the market. I don't run but they could be worth trying as hiking footwear (on the appropriate trail). Somewhat like modern day moccasins, good for treading lightly in the woods. Also, they may serve function as lightweight footwear to toss in your pack and use at stream crossings or around camp? Well, guess I should pick up a pair. Till then, check out Wireds video review as well as a written review here: Vibram FiveFingers Review