Idaho Obsidian Spearhead

I found this amazing spearhead high on lonely ridge in Idaho where the Pioneer Mountains begin to descend into the Great Basin, with Craters of the Moon national monument to the east. This is a piece of 'gear' that some human was unhappy about losing & perhaps went hungry because of it.

It is approx 4 inches long and I believe it is pink obsidian. I know of a local person that may be able to give me a further explanation of this stone tool. If I find out more, or if you gentle reader, have any comments & ideas I will follow up on what I learn. Also will try & take a better picture, this one was taken on-site with a camera phone (I did move & stage next to flowers & contrasting rocks)

Petzl Tikka Plus LED Headlamp

Petzl Tikka Plus LED HeadlampThere is something very appealing about a camping headlamp. Maybe it is just knowing there is this compact source of illumination in your backpack to help keep away the scary unknown of the dark, but for me there is some gadget lust there as well.

This summer, heading out into the field I was unable to track down my old faithful headlamp,  so I stopped at The Elephant's Perch here in Ketchum, ID and picked up a new one. The Perch is one of Ketchum's oldest and best outdoor stores, if you are ever in town I recommend you check them out. I picked out the Petzl Tikka Plus which is just an updated version of my old Petzl. This version has: [Read more...]

Freeplay Xray LED Handcrank Flashlight

Freeplay Xray LED Flashlight The Freeplay Xray LED hand crank flashlight is a great emergency light for your daypack or glove box. It only requires a small amount of cranking to power up - approximately 30 seconds for 20 minutes shine time. It also comes with an adaptor for charging it from the wall and the battery can hold a charge worth 20 hours.

[Read more...]