Guyot Designs Squishy Bowl

limesquishybowlThe Squishy Bowl & Cup is fun and colorful camping item by hip company Guyot Designs. Made from food grade silicone these appealing little items are completely flexible &  lightweight. They pack small by squishing them down and spring back into shape for use. Heat and cold have little effect and it is doubtful you will encounter any temperatures so extreme they will create any issues.

The Squishy Bowl and Cup come as a set - the bowl holds 16 ounces while the cup holds 6 ounces. They also market a Travel Shot for those fireside toasts. These items nest neatly inside each other for easy packing and flip inside out for quick cleaning. Currently there are four different colors available - Slate, Lime, Tomato &  Tahoe Blue. Pick some up today and attract the envious attention from your fellow campers.

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