Planetary Design Coffee Mugs

Planetary Designs Desk Press

A couple Christmases back I received a Planetary Design Desk Press coffee mug as a present and a good one it was. Certainly not the sort of present that is going to be regifted or accepted with polite thanks. No, this baby has become part of the daily kit and has seen a tremendous amount of use. More coffee than I would like to admit has seen the inside of its stainless steel double walls, gallons of the stuff that have seen my insides as well...

Planetary Design is cool Missoula, MT  based company.  They make mugs, french presses, vacuum bottles, tea brewers and more. All solidly built and in bright appealing colors. Many of their mugs come with two lids - one regular and one with a built in french press plunger - perfect for brewing up your favorite beverage on the go or in camp.

Over time the handle finally broke off of my cornflower blue beauty but I certainly don't fault the company for this. These items are solidly built, I have just mistreated mine to the extreme and it still works fine just a little more streamlined. They offer one year warranty on their products as well and you can purchase replacement lids and plungers at a reasonable price, because if you are like me you are bound to misplace one eventually.

Check them out at - You can buy their items and replacements retail at Liquid Planet or visit our listings below and help support Gearvine.

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