Yaktrax Pro Anti-Slip Footwear

dsc_0003_dxo Yaktraxs pull over your existing footwear to provide traction in snowy and icy conditions. With a system of  reinforced coils connected to a rubber framework they attach fairly easily and securely to your boots or shoes and offer a real nice sense of stability in slippery conditions. I bought mine after taking a hard tumble losing my footing coming down the ridge of Carbonate Mountain here in Hailey, ID  - just outside of Gearvine headquarters.  With a bruised up elbow and shoulder I vowed to not return without some better traction for my boots and my hiking pole.

That was last winter and so far the Yaktrax Pro has served me well. I have used them winter hiking, getting around town and shoveling the drive. The coiled springs really do help provide the traction you need. They are fairly easy to put on though I would recommend sitting down to do so. Pulling them on standing up is fine but may require practice and is best suited for those with confident balance and flexibility.

For indoors you must be very careful or remove them altogether particularly for hard surfaces as the coils don't provide the designed traction and can potentially scuff up a nice finish. I have a beat up wood floor in my place and the Yaktrax don't seem to cause any extra damage but I just can't recommend these for any surface you are concerned about scratching.

There are two models currently available - the Yaktrax Walker and the Yaktrax Pro - the only difference being a velcro strap on the Pro that goes over the top of your boot or shoe. This is marketed for more active winter users - winter running etc. If you are going to be moving fast, coming down hills or through mixed terrain I recommend going with the Pro, otherwise the Walker should be fine and a good choice for general winter use and good for older folks as well.

Winter is just now really settling in here in the mountains so I will probably be putting these to a lot more use. Check back later for my further impressions and review for the Yaktrax Pro.

Yaktrax Velcro StrapYaktrax ProYaktrax Pro in Snow

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