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dsc_0036_dxo The last couple of summers I have been alternating between wearing a large straw hat or baseball caps. The straw hat was my preference due to the large amount of sun protection it provided but in general it is too big and stiff for taking in the field full time - the brim in the back would always bump against my backpack, medium winds would try and blow it off my head and when I wasn't wearing it strapping it to my pack was problematic. Baseball caps on the other hand were light and easily portable but failed to provide enough protection on the sides and back, particularly in the morning and late afternoon light. I finally took the plunge and went down to one of the good outdoors stores in Ketchum, ID - Backwoods Mountain Sports - and picked myself up a Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat.

I had been eyeballing this particular hat for some time after it had been originally recommended to me by former adventure racer and mountain personality Patrick Csizmazia. Pat has covered a lot of ground out of doors and his advice on this type of thing is worth a listen. Well I think he was right because so far I am real happy with the purchase.

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The hat fits well, my first day with it on was in a moderate breeze and reaching back for a quick tighten on the adjustable strap was all it took to keep it secure. During periods of more extreme gusts the chin strap added the necessary extra security. Though in general the hat seems to shed wind fairly well without the large brim making it feel like it wanted to take my head off. Further jaunts during stormy weather will be necessary for further opinion on this.

Shade-wise this baby is excellent, providing an excellent amount of coverage for your face and neck - the front 3/4 of the brim is wide and fixed while the back section drapes down and can be folded up to a velcro tab for more ventilation. Two long hikes in the hat were comfortable and the mesh panels on the sides offer breathability though I did take it off at times to catch some further breeze across my noggin - same as every other hat I've owned.

Fashion-wise you will have to make your own decisions about this sun hat. The size and sun protection create a unique look but not near as dorky as I had feared and the color choices and patterned accent across the front let you choose your own panache. Lastly you can fold and roll up this hat for packing or easily strap to the outside of your pack for easy access. A couple things I will be observing over time is how well the brim holds up under repeated packing and how getting wet treats it.

Sunday Afternoons also offers several other styles of hats and other products specifically appropriate for good sun protection during boating, gardening, walking and many other outdoor activities needing protective wear.

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