Idaho Obsidian Spearhead

I found this amazing spearhead high on lonely ridge in Idaho where the Pioneer Mountains begin to descend into the Great Basin, with Craters of the Moon national monument to the east. This is a piece of 'gear' that some human was unhappy about losing & perhaps went hungry because of it.

It is approx 4 inches long and I believe it is pink obsidian. I know of a local person that may be able to give me a further explanation of this stone tool. If I find out more, or if you gentle reader, have any comments & ideas I will follow up on what I learn. Also will try & take a better picture, this one was taken on-site with a camera phone (I did move & stage next to flowers & contrasting rocks)


  1. Carter says:

    I dont think it is obsidian. There are very few places where you can find obsidian of different colors and none of the peices of obsidian that ive seen have been that much of a distinct color, it might be flint or even quartz.

  2. David says:

    Hi Carter, thanks for the comment. Yes, you may be right – I don’t have much knowledge of such things, if I ever find out more I’ll update the post.

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