Freeplay Xray LED Handcrank Flashlight

Freeplay Xray LED Flashlight The Freeplay Xray LED hand crank flashlight is a great emergency light for your daypack or glove box. It only requires a small amount of cranking to power up - approximately 30 seconds for 20 minutes shine time. It also comes with an adaptor for charging it from the wall and the battery can hold a charge worth 20 hours.

I usually travel with a headlamp but this light is exactly what I want as a backup, whether it be in the kitchen drawer for power outages or in the glove box for automotive emergencies. That extra piece of mind that comes knowing that the light will work when needed even if you let the batteries die down is well worth it.

The Freeplay Xray LED is equipped with seven led bulbs for bright illumination, ac/dc charger and comes in a cool transparent blue so you can see the insides. This is a great gift for kids.

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