Petzl Tikka Plus LED Headlamp

Petzl Tikka Plus LED HeadlampThere is something very appealing about a camping headlamp. Maybe it is just knowing there is this compact source of illumination in your backpack to help keep away the scary unknown of the dark, but for me there is some gadget lust there as well.

This summer, heading out into the field I was unable to track down my old faithful headlamp,  so I stopped at The Elephant's Perch here in Ketchum, ID and picked up a new one. The Perch is one of Ketchum's oldest and best outdoor stores, if you are ever in town I recommend you check them out. I picked out the Petzl Tikka Plus which is just an updated version of my old Petzl. This version has:

  • Four LED bulbs.
  • Four brightness settings - high, medium, low & strobe.
  • Water-resistant case.
  • Ratcheting mount to aim the headlamp where you want.
  • Stretchy, adjustable strap for secure attachment to your head and compatible with a variety of headgear.
  • Operates on three AAA batteries - included with purchase.
  • Recessed push button on/off switch to help prevent accidentally turning on in your pack.

This is a pretty straight forward, functional headlamp with not too many bells and whistles but has most of what you need. It is very much like my old one but with the different brightness settings, adjustable beam (up & down) and push button switch. I recommend keeping the batteries separate or reversing one in the case when not in use, because even with the switch being harder to turn on accidentally it is a real bummer to find out your headlamp has been on in your pack and dead when you need it. Also, try and keep it somewhere where the clear plastic cover won't get scuffed against anything while en route to help maintain maximum clarity.

Shopping around, you will find the price of these headlamps is very reasonable for a very functional tool. Pick up an extra and toss it in your glovebox, it is an indispensable tool when most needed. If you are looking for something more advanced check out the other Petzl LED headlamps, they offer a variety of choices with different functionality - colored lenses, retractable straps, separate mounts and more. Though for basic sports & outdoor lighting this is my recommendation and they offer a selection of colored cases and straps to help you get out there in style.

Petzl Tikka Plus LED Headlamp - Image 2Petzl Tikka Plus LED Headlamp - Battery CasePetzl Tikka Plus LED Headlamp - Image 3

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