Planetary Design Coffee Mugs

Planetary Designs Desk Press

A couple Christmases back I received a Planetary Design Desk Press coffee mug as a present and a good one it was. Certainly not the sort of present that is going to be regifted or accepted with polite thanks. No, this baby has become part of the daily kit and has seen a tremendous amount of use. More coffee than I would like to admit has seen the inside of its stainless steel double walls, gallons of the stuff that have seen my insides as well...

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Guyot Designs Squishy Bowl

limesquishybowlThe Squishy Bowl & Cup is fun and colorful camping item by hip company Guyot Designs. Made from food grade silicone these appealing little items are completely flexible &  lightweight. They pack small by squishing them down and spring back into shape for use. Heat and cold have little effect and it is doubtful you will encounter any temperatures so extreme they will create any issues.

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The spork was always cool but now its sexy. Swedish company Light My Fire markets a selection of polycarbonate sporks in bright, appealing colors. Perfect for camping or backpacking & a fun, unusual gift. [Read more...]