Asolo Power Matic 200 GV

Picked up new hiking boots for Summer 2011 - a pair Asolo Power Matic 200 GV 's. This is the same boot I had previously owned for the few seasons & have been so happy with them I decided to stick with the same brand & model for my latest purchase.

These are pretty heavy duty backpacking boots & to the minds of my fellow hikers they are overkill for general day to day adventures. I prefer a stout boot though and as my adventures often lead me off trail & into quite a variety of terrain I am always happy to have something solid underfoot. Especially in thick undergrowth, wet conditions & stream crossings or moving through loose scree & shale. Add a pair of gaiters to these babies & you are bomber.

Now to get a pair of red laces to make them official.
~ DS

I will write up a more extensive review after I have covered some miles in this new pair and compare them to my old pair which I finally had to retire. Vibram FiveFingers Video Review reviews the very interesting Vibram FiveFingers as a consideration for runners. I have been interested in this curious footwear since it came on the market. I don't run but they could be worth trying as hiking footwear (on the appropriate trail). Somewhat like modern day moccasins, good for treading lightly in the woods. Also, they may serve function as lightweight footwear to toss in your pack and use at stream crossings or around camp? Well, guess I should pick up a pair. Till then, check out Wireds video review as well as a written review here: Vibram FiveFingers Review

Yaktrax Pro Anti-Slip Footwear

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Outdoor Research Flex-Tex Gaiter

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Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter

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